NDS Services & Benefits:

Higher Agent Commissions:

NDS agents typically see an increase in their commission of 1%-3%.  Upon contacting us, we can provide an exact amount for your location.

DOT Authority:

NDS provides the operating authority for your operation.  As an agent for NDS, your drivers will be contracting with NDS and operating under our DOT authority.  We handle all of the Safety & Risk Management administrative functions.

Full Accounts Receivable Management:

As a part of the IMC Companies family, we have decades of experience and strong relationships with many customers.  We will supplement your efforts in seeking additional container movements.

Discount Fuel Network:

An important piece of the NDS Partnership Network is our relationships with many of the largest truck stops.  NDS drivers notice a sizeable increase in their weekly cash flow because of the programs we have negotiated.

Operations Focused Software System:

While many agent-based carriers provide a simple web-based utility that they use for their billing and accounting purposes, the software that we provide you was written for operations like yours.  It handles your order entry and dispatch functions, as well as one of the most technologically advanced documentation imaging systems available.  We want you to have access to the best tools available.

UIIA/IA Administration:

As the motor carrier, we relieve you from the burden of having to set up agreements with the various equipment owners.  We are members of the UIIA.  In addition, we have interchange agreements with many other equipment owners who are not members of the UIIA.

EDI Administration:

Many customers request data to be transmitted to them via EDI.  Whether it is orders being tendered to you, or the invoicing data being sent to the customer, or inventory reports being provided to the equipment owner, NDS provides you with EDI capabilities.

Property, Casualty & Cargo Insurance:

One of the many benefits of joining NDS is that your insurance needs are provided.  We have the coverage that you and your customers need, and provided by some of the best carriers available.

Risk Management Services:

NDS provides ongoing Risk Management training and support for your operation.  We invest a wealth of time and resources so that you (and NDS as a whole) perpetually improve and work toward a safe operation.  Your drivers receive thorough training from experienced veterans in the industry and the best tools available.

Consulting Services:

The resources of the NDS Partnership Network are available to you.  Whether itís a customer or driver-related question or simply a legal or other business decision you are facing, there are a wealth of resources available to you.